Colonization & Suzerain

Colonization, an exciting addition to Evony, enables you to make someone a vassal of yours, under which they must provide you with %10 percent of everything they produce. A vassal is defined as the grantee of a fief, feud, or fee, in which he holds land of a superior, and vows fidelity and homage to him.

If you choose to colonize a city (must declare war first, if not at war already via alliance declaration, you must solo declare and wait 30 minutes until you can attack, the war period will last 48 hours) and if you are successful in your attack, you enter a "colonization period" lasting 8 hours during which you can send reinforcements and they player colonized can prepare for uprising in 8 hours as well (colonized player must choose to uprise to do this it is not automatic). After the colonization period, if the player does not uprise against you, the city becomes your colony (assuming your troops won the battle). A player can uprise from colonizing by going to the players city (suzerain's city) who colonized them, and clicking on the "Uprising" button.

Important aspects to colonization- Review:

Q. Can i colonize a city that is already colonised by someone else?
A. Yes but not during the suppression period.

I.E. The suzerain will notice an incoming attack, but his information that he can "see" is based upon the Beacon Tower of the colony. So if the colony is not at beacon tower 10, he won't know the exact count of troops, the timing, etc.

  • The suzerain's troops will defend the colony, though, depending on his supression settings.
  • The colony's wall defenses will participate in the initial attack.

The fight will be as follows:

Attacker's Troops VERSUS (Colony wall defenses) + (Colony troops, if gates are open) + (Suzerain troops, if Suppression Settings are above 0%)

Q. How many colonies can I get?
A. The amount of colonies you can have is based on your title.

Ex. Knights can have 20 colonies per city for a total of 40 colonies. Barons can have 40 colonies per city, giving them a total of 160 total colonies.

Starting the colonization process - Suzerain

  1. Scout the city before you colonize. (You need to know what you're going against.)
  2. Once you have scouted, click "Colonize" on the selected city and use the troops you have created for attacking.
  3. If you succeeded with the attack you know need to wait through an 8 hour suppression period. During this time you may reinforce your existing troops in this city if you fear they will uprise and win.
  4. Once you are done all the troops you have sent to the city to be colonized will return.


A Suzerain is the colonizing Lord of a city, as listed upon clicking on a colonized city to view the City's information. To perform actions on your colony, click on "City Overview" of the city from which you colonized, click on "Valleys" and choose the "Colonies" tab. Click the desired colony and you are given the following options:

You can do these things once a day

  • Tribute (You get 10% of each of their resource production *Constantly while they are your colony*)
  • Disarmament (Disarm 10% of a specific branch of troops *You do not get these*)
  • Draft (Draft 10% of their highest numbered troop to your city)
  • Pop. Redeployment (You can deploy 10% of their population of their city to your city)
  • Sow Discord (you can apply sow discord to all their heroes *Which decreases loyalty by 30*)
  • Abandon (Abandons the colony)

Defense after being colonized - Uprising

  1. Before you get colonized, the 8 hour suppression period will give you time to defend against it.
  2. During this period you need to build defenses such as troops and open your gates in the rally spot!
  3. When you have been colonized, you will need to "Uprise" to de-colonize your city.
  4. To do that you need to go to your suzerain's (the person who colonized you) city.
  5. Then you will click "Uprise", but before you do make sure to scout first. It will give you information on their troop's defenses so you can know on what you need to retaliate. Be careful, the suzerain can take 10% of troops, resources and population from you every day, but only once every day.)
  6. If you succeed, you will no longer be colonized.
  7. After you are free from uprising or your suzerain releasing your city, there will be a 24 hour wait until your city can be colonized by someone. This is called abandonment. This also will happen right away if you become friendly with your suzerain or they join your current alliance you are in.